I’m British, It’s Written All Over Me!

Today’s author post is by the talented author H J Perry, whose debut LoveLight title was the hit sci fi romance, Warrior.


A few years ago, around my 40th birthday, I discovered I’m so English. Obviously, I was already familiar with my passport and knew my birthplace. At that time, I was already a regular columnist for our local newspaper and often asked to contribute words for various publications, so I thought my writing was pretty good.

When I started to write for an international audience, I discovered the rest of the world speak, read, and write a different form of my native language. An entirely different version. I naively thought the British use of u in colour might be the main difference but learnt much when my words of wisdom came back from an American editor, with lots of red ink.

Did you know we like the letter e here and use it liberally in words such as judgement?

Whilst I use the word “whilst” about ten times a day, the rest of the world sees it as archaic. I’m not that old! It’s not just Americans that find my language amusing. A friend from the bottom of the world snickered (snickered isn’t a word in the UK, by the way) at my use of the word “bum.”

Bum is a sexy word here as in he has a sexy bum, he put his firm hand on my bum, I’d like you to spank my bum. All good here but apparently foreigners think “bum” is a childish word, preferring ass. Ass, which in my country refers to an animal or a fool!

I was exasperated. How can bum be childish and yet use the word panties be widely accepted? Now that is an utterly childish word and I’d say in Britain we have perfectly acceptable and sexy alternatives including knickers, pants and briefs.

In the privacy of my own home I stick to British English, so I know what I’m doing when helping the kids with their homework. At work, I have been blessed with fantastic Editors who have helped me turn the product of my imagination into a language the rest of the world can enjoy. We all love stories of men loving men, no matter where they are in the universe. The first story of mine published by Lovelight Press was not set in a particular place on our planet, conveniently, most of it wasn’t on Earth at all.

Fellow writer, Aubrey Cullens author of Restitution and other M/M titles, identified my forthcoming story as set in Britain just from reading a 150-word blurb. It’s so English it has to be read in my accent, apparently. I’m not sure if that’s a good or bad thing! Either way, Aaron’s story will be available in international English soon.