Cover Reveal: Let’s Jam

Hi, this is Diana Morland, author of the Roller Derby Romance series–yes, that’s right, it’s officially a series now, with the second book, Let’s Jam, slated for publication on March 31st.

Let’s Jam follows two of the minor characters from Crash Into You–Megan’s friends and teammates, Gayle and Shelly. The story opens on Shelly’s birthday party, where Gayle makes a discovery that will shape the rest of her life, not to mention her relationship with Shelly. If you’ve read Crash Into You, you might have recognized it–but don’t feel bad if you don’t! Megan was certainly oblivious.

I’ve written sequels before, but this is the first one in which the timelines of the two books have overlapped. That wasn’t my intention originally, but after I wrote the scene with Shelly’s birthday party in Crash Into You, I just couldn’t help using the same scene–this time from Gayle’s point of view–to open Let’s Jam. It encapsulated Shelly and Gayle’s relationship so perfectly: Shelly kind, generous and thoughtful without making a big deal; Gayle eager but shy, lonely and quiet about it.

I had to juggle two timelines now–or more accurately, the same timeline applied to two completely different relationships. Luckily for me, the major plot points in Megan and Gianna’s romance seemed to fall perfectly into place to line up with the beginning of Gayle and Shelly’s. It’s as though the characters were already going through their lives, waiting for me to write everything down.

I’m excited to bring you Let’s Jam, and I hope the cover gets you excited to read it!



Let’s Jam will be released on March 31st!