The Goalie’s Secret

Book Cover: The Goalie's Secret
Editions:Kindle: $2.99

The whole world thinks they’re competing for the top spot, but really, they’re just falling in love …

When young, talented, and completely gay Cody lands his dream job as backup goalie on his favorite hockey team, he realizes immediately that he’s in quite a bit of trouble. He’s always found the starting goalie Dante to be incredibly attractive, had a bit of a hero worship thing for him, and in person, he’s just as devastatingly handsome as ever. Immediately, Cody finds himself wanting things that he thinks he can’t have.

Dante, too, is immediately drawn to the beautiful young man, but Cody has been taught from a young age that he can’t be who he is, not if he wants to succeed in hockey. And Dante, too, is too cautious to be open about his own attraction to other men. Maybe friendship is all that the two can expect to have.

Still, they’re drawn together irresistibly, and while the hockey world starts to speculate about whether or not they’re competing for the starting goalie position, they’re actually just busy trying to hide what they are both coming to feel for each other …

Published: December 30, 2016
Publisher: LoveLight Press