Rapture Coil

Book Cover: Rapture Coil
Editions:Kindle: $2.99

They were young musicians with stars in their eyes, and they were never going to sell out, ever... neither of them counted on growing up.

Liam and Adam were best friends and bandmates, on their way to being rockstars. At least until Adam took a job at the bank his mother worked at. Adam's mother and his new job demanded professionalism, dedication, and a haircut, but that wasn't the worst of it. When Adam quit their band to pursue his career as a banker, Liam was heartbroken, but neither young man was willing to give up a friendship for the ages...

For years, Liam has worked at his dream. Even without Adam in the band, he's clawed his way up, and finally, they're getting some recognition. An agent who wants to sign them, something Adam had never believed could happen. But Adam is climbing the ladder, too, and the bank continues to demand more and more from him, driving a wedge between the two friends something both of them are determined to keep from happening.

When romance builds between the young men, things get even more complicated. Adam is willing to give it a try, but Liam's worries could get in the way... and both of them are going to have to make difficult choices if they want to build a life they're proud of, together.

Published: September 30, 2016
Publisher: LoveLight Press