Painting the Cowboy

Book Cover: Painting the Cowboy
Editions:Kindle: $2.99

After the loss of a lifetime, a heartbroken cowboy gets another chance at love...

It's been years since Karl's wife, Deanna, died in a tragic accident on their Oklahoma ranch, leaving him with the land and their son, Hunter, to care for. Struggling to pick up the pieces for his little boy, the handsome widower works hard every day to make enough to keep them afloat, but it's too much for one person, especially with a little boy to raise. Despite his desperation and loneliness, Karl keeps to himself, creating walls around his heart to keep from ever having to lose someone again.

Vincent, an older artist from New York, is the only person he knows he can trust, and when the man asks to use his ranch as a painting retreat, even Karl has to admit that he could use the company. Life is easier with Vincent around, and five year old Hunter immediately takes a liking to his father's best friend. However, when a romance starts to build between Vincent and Karl, fear of loss and change overwhelm the cowboy.

Confused about his sexuality, guilty about tarnishing the memory of his dead wife, stressed about money, and concerned for his son, Karl isn't sure he can love again, and he's reluctant to try. But if there's one man that could change all of that, it's his best friend, calm, wise, and passionate Vincent, who's there for him through it all. If only Karl could stop running long enough to realize it.

Painting the Cowboy is a standalone gay romance with a HEA ending. It features explicit scenes.

Published: July 29, 2016
Publisher: LoveLight Press