Omega Experiment

Book Cover: Omega Experiment
Editions:Kindle: $2.99

His destiny is to bear a child.

Jon Flint is proud to be an Omega. He’s eager to be paired with his Alpha, and together help ensure humanity’s future. He can’t believe his luck when he’s mated to David Croxen, a soldier whose bravery helps keep everyone in Haven Colony safe from the madness that reigns Outside.

His heartbreak comes from a misunderstanding.

But David has a private reason for volunteering to serve as an Alpha, a reason that threatens to tear their small family apart. As Jon’s world is turned upside down by his Alpha’s secret, David realizes just how important Jon is to him. Can this proud Alpha earn forgiveness before Jon decides to abandon Haven for good?

***This stand-alone 30,000 word science fiction mpreg romance includes explicit sex, male pregnancy, and a happily-ever-after ending.***

Published: July 8, 2016
Publisher: LoveLight Press