Northern Skies

Book Cover: Northern Skies
Part of the Arctic Heat series:
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Happy ever after takes work. In some cases, lots of work.

Varg dropped his entire life in Oslo. He moved to Svalbard so he could be with the man he fell in love with on his three-week holiday. Things between them were great—for a while.

Now, however, things could be going a lot better. Jonathan and he are constantly fighting, Varg’s small social circle is always busy, and he’s lonely. He misses Oslo and the life he had there.

Jonathan knows he’s losing Varg, and he’s at his wit’s end. But if he doesn’t do something big—and soon—he fears Varg will leave him to go back to the life he enjoyed.

The holidays are nearly upon them, and the pair venture back to Oslo to celebrate with Varg’s family. Varg is faced with everything Svalbard can’t give him. Jonathan feels they’re more distant than ever.

Then Jonathan figures out what he can do. It’s too big and he’s too late, but he hopes it’ll be enough.

Published: December 9, 2016
Publisher: LoveLight Press