Love Unearthed

Book Cover: Love Unearthed
Editions:Kindle: $2.99
Pages: 61

An ancient Mayan Queen, a crooked mining company, and a whole lot of adventure...

Dr. Rose Stevens is shy, anxious, and a believer in following the rules. So when a beautiful woman on her excavation crew catches her eye, she tries to ignore her blossoming feelings and focus on archaeology. Rose is Gabriella's boss, after all. An attraction like that could ruin her career and Gabriella's future.

Gabriella Torres is a wisecracking former solider who loves to fluster Rose. She wants nothing more than to see the redheaded professor relax and let her hair down. However, Rose blocks her advances at every turn and Gabriella is beginning to lose hope of seducing the lovely field director.

Things are at a stalemate when the excavation uncovers a long-lost Mayan tomb. Gold hunters are soon circling the site like vultures, and they are armed to kill. As things get dangerous, and there is more than treasure on the line, will Rose and Gabriella be able to hold on to each other? Or will their chance at happiness melt away in the Guatemalan heat?

Published: October 30, 2015
Publisher: LoveLight Press