Love In Action

Book Cover: Love In Action
Editions:Kindle: $4.99
Pages: 231

This boxed set features three of Augusta Hill's action adventure romances, available for the first time in one convenient package. Enjoy the twists and turns as these lovers race across the globe from Guatemala to Turkey!

Love Unearthed

Dr. Rose Stevens is shy, anxious, and a believer in following the rules. So when a beautiful woman on her excavation crew catches her eye, she tries to ignore her blossoming feelings and focus on archaeology. Rose is Gabriella's boss, after all. An attraction like that could ruin her career and Gabriella's future.

Gabriella Torres is a wisecracking former solider who loves to fluster Rose. She wants nothing more than to see the redheaded professor relax and let her hair down. However, Rose blocks her advances at every turn and Gabriella is beginning to lose hope of seducing the lovely field director.

Things are at a stalemate when the excavation uncovers a long-lost Mayan tomb. Gold hunters are soon circling the site like vultures, and they are armed to kill. As things get dangerous, and there is more than treasure on the line, will Rose and Gabriella be able to hold on to each other? Or will their chance at happiness melt away in the Guatemalan heat?

Love Rescued

Quiet and timid Emmeline Smith has a serious problem - Jacob, her numbskull of a brother, has gone missing somewhere in Bosnia. She reluctantly goes in search of him, but soon realizes she'll need backup to navigate Sarajevo's ancient alleyways. She just doesn't expect the backup to be so sassy and alluring...

Dark-eyed anarchist Hana Divjak is everything Emmeline isn't - worldy, hard-edged, and fearless. And she can't seem to say no to the innocent, blonde American who stumbles into her path. But Hana has secrets of her own - secrets that just might have more to do with Jacob's disappearance than Emmeline would ever accept...

With dangerous forces right behind them, the women are soon searching across the country to find Jacob. Will they rescue him before he vanishes for good? And will they be able to admit their growing attraction to each other along the way?

Love Spied 

Tenacious and driven, Nara Yamada allows nothing to stop her from reporting the truth. When the petite journalist is sent to cover street protests in Istanbul, she witnesses a false flag attack and soon finds herself at the center of a far-reaching international conspiracy. Her only hope of escaping with the story comes in the form of a mysterious dark haired spy.

Calculating and reserved, Ophelia is one of the best secret agents undercover in Turkey. She knows she should follow orders and leave the country before it spirals out of control. However, when she sees Nara being attacked by government thugs, she has to intervene. For reasons she can't understand, the pretty reporter suddenly makes her want to break all the rules.

Thrown together by chance, the women quickly realize they'll have one shot to get out alive. Will they be able to escape with proof of the conspirators trying to overthrow Turkey's democracy? And with everything else on the line, will these two stoic professionals be able to express their growing attraction?

Published: April 29, 2016
Publisher: LoveLight Press