Lifetime Between Us

Book Cover: Lifetime Between Us
Editions:Kindle: $4.99

Erica has her life all sorted out. She’s upwardly mobile in the restaurant business, she’s surrounded by family (her sister) and warmth (her pet rabbit), and she’s single and loving it.

Then Maria walks back into her life.

Maria doesn’t know what she’s doing. Her job is mind-numbing, she dropped out of college, and she can’t get her life together enough to finish the physical transition she longs for. Did she mention she still lives with her parents?

Then she finds Erica again, and suddenly she knows what she needs.

Childhood best friends, their separation devastated both of them. Meeting each other again seems like a miracle. But there’s so much each hasn’t told the other. Can they meet in the middle when life has gotten in the way?

Published: August 26, 2016
Publisher: LoveLight Press