Her Unexpected Mistake

Book Cover: Her Unexpected Mistake
Editions:Kindle: $0.99
Pages: 208

When eighteen-year-old Dahlia decides to leave her old life behind, she does it without any reservation or regret. Her free-spirited nature and her yearning for liberation from her past life drive her to explore her secret inner desires and fantasies. She crops her locks, barters her meagre goods for man’s clothing, and slips out into the night.

Known as Freddie from now on, she lands a job with a wealthy young widow, Amelia Carlisle, who has a few secrets of her own. Independent and irreverent, Amelia has long known she needs to be resourceful and shrewd to survive. She’s had to learn how to persevere in this male-dominated world, while running her late husband’s company and avoiding rumours about her private life.

As the two women find themselves unable to resist their true desires, they develop a bond that helps them weather the storms that come upon them. An old foe has found proof of Amelia and Freddie’s “transgressions” and thinks he now has a way to destroy their lives, but this man’s narrow-mindedness may only prove his own undoing.

Published: April 8, 2016
Publisher: LoveLight Press