Finding Orlando

Book Cover: Finding Orlando
Editions:Kindle: $2.99
Pages: 193

Sometimes, finding the right person changes everything.

“You helped me find what I’d forgotten I wanted.”

Different worlds...

Ethan Parker has his whole life planned out for him -- and it’s a life he doesn’t want. But saying no to his family is too hard, so he buries his dreams and goes through the motions. Being on the swim team at Dalton University is his only escape from the constant pressure to be someone he’s not.

Sexy, mysterious Orlando Nolan seems to be Ethan’s polar opposite. Tall, toned, and tattooed, he looks more like a rugged rock star than an Ivy League student — but with one of the highest GPA's at Dalton, he's guaranteed a job on at one of Silicon Valley’s best once he graduates.

“I’m not brave like you. No matter how much I wish I could be.”

Shared secrets...

When Ethan needs help studying, Orlando can’t resist the chance to spend more time with the blond, blue-eyed, all-American boy from his dorm. Neither one expects the bond that forms between them, or how easy they find it to open up to each other. Then Ethan spends Thanksgiving with Orlando and his family … and their unlikely friendship catches fire.

“He doesn’t fix me, he makes me realize that I can fix myself.”

And wrenching choices...

But family disapproval causes unhealed wounds to surface. Orlando doesn't know how long he can wait for someone who's afraid to love him back. But can Ethan sacrifice everything for the one person who makes him feel alive?

Finding Orlando is a steamy stand-alone New Adult MM romance novel. It depicts a first time gay, friends to lovers relationship resulting in a satisfying HEA and no cliffhanger.

Published: March 11, 2016
Publisher: LoveLight Press