Engaged to Win

Book Cover: Engaged to Win
Editions:Kindle: $4.99
Pages: 165

Are Rainbow Wedding Bells In The Air For Washington’s Widowed Congressman?

That’s the headline that runs on a small gossip site after a chance meeting is photographed between U.S. Congressman Dillon Cross and Matt Mitchell, a successful, openly gay screenwriter who Dillon had known briefly in college.

Fifteen years ago, Dillon’s father convinced him that coming out as gay would mean the end of his political ambitions. When he was faced with the choice, Dill walked away from Matt and straight into the closet. He married a woman and achieved everything he set out to in his career, but he never forgot the man he’d once loved.

Now, Dillon is confident the rumors will die down on their own… he’s just not sure he wants them to.

“To be honest, Dill, I’m tempted not to quash the rumors. You know we could never in good conscience start a story like this, but the attention from the gay community is significant.”

When his campaign manager lets him know the story is actually helping his campaign for re-election, Dill jumps on the chance to finally come out, convincing Matt to fake their engagement and use the publicity to help both their careers.

Dill knows Matt has never forgiven him for choosing politics over love, but he’s hoping that if he campaigns hard enough, he’ll be able to win back Matt’s trust… and his heart.

Published: December 25, 2015
Publisher: LoveLight Press