End of Shift

Book Cover: End of Shift
Editions:Kindle: $2.99
Pages: 136

Andrew never thought he'd be stuck between a werebear and a werewolf. On the run from his gorgeous but crazy ex-boyfriend, his car breaks down, and he's rescued by the sexiest bear shifter imaginable... It's the start of something new just as his former flame starts sniffing around, hoping to get Andrew back by any means necessary.

Fierce, rugged werebear Victor isn't looking for love. He's heading north to hibernate for a few months and avoid his problems. When he meets Andrew, the sexy human sparks his interest and drags him out of his comfort zone.

When Andrew's ex refuses to admit defeat, a battle brews. Wolf versus bear, old versus new, love versus obsession. Will Andrew and Victor be able to rally enough support to save their newfound love... and maybe even their lives?

Published: August 28, 2015
Publisher: LoveLight Press