Coastal College Players: The Complete Trilogy

Book Cover: Coastal College Players: The Complete Trilogy
Part of the Coastal College Players series:
Editions:Kindle: $4.99

In this steamy gay romance trilogy, three college couples find love in coastal North Carolina.

Romeo and Julian
From their first meeting at a frat party, Nick and Julian tumble headfirst into unquenchable passion. Julian's brother disapproves, but when the young lovers are cast as the leads in an all-male production of Romeo and Juliet, they can't escape the electric desire between them. Will family secrets destroy their trust?

Hell and High Water
College sophomore Danny can't keep his eyes off basketball star Kade. But Kade is straight, and his politically incorrect humor makes Danny wince. When Danny mentors him, their friendship becomes more—until a misunderstanding during a hurricane sends Kade out into the storm. Will they and their relationship survive?

Kiss and Tell
College wrestler Tyler knows he and linebacker Lamar are meant for one another. Taught by his preacher father that he's an abomination, Lamar finds Ty's devotion too good to believe. When he learns Ty is working on a class project with an ex, Lamar thinks the worst. Will his suspicion tear them apart?

These novellas are for a mature audience. Each has a happy ending and no cliffhanger.

Published: May 13, 2016
Publisher: LoveLight Press