Book Cover: Cirque
Editions:Kindle: $0.99
Pages: 66

Two damaged men...

Sevrin lost his innocence and his voice a long time ago - but that doesn't mean he's stopped dreaming. And on the night that the circus comes to town, he's ready to put those dreams into action, hitching a ride far away from his abusive family.

Finding their healing in each other...

Lucian's been running from his own tragic past for years, and the Cirque du Shift is a welcome vehicle for his own desire to get far, far away. When his mate shows up, hurt and alone, Lucian knows that everything is about to change.

The only question is, can he meet those changes head on... or will he run from them?

This title was previously published as Cirque du Shift. It has been revised and edited for publication with LoveLight Press.

Published: February 12, 2016
Publisher: LoveLight Press