Catching the Pitch

Book Cover: Catching the Pitch
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"He never knew what he really needed was a man."

Eric Steiner is one of the top major league baseball prospects in the country. He was drafted #10 out of college and assigned to an A-level minor league team as a stepping stone to the big leagues. All of the pieces were falling into place except for personal relationships. Eric's teammates think his most intimate connections are with his catcher's mitt.

"Why are you sending me to Wisconsin? Was it something I did?"

Sports photographer Theo Bachman is no stranger to the vagabond life. In fact, when he was growing up, he went to eight different schools before high school graduation. Now, he only sets down roots long enough to complete the latest assignment. It could be Toronto, San Francisco, or New York City, but Wisconsin? Theo thinks he's been demoted to a second class assignment until he meets the Madison Pintails catcher.

When Eric Steiner finds out Theo Bachman has been assigned to him for a sports journalism profile, something about the name rings a distant bell. When the pair finally meet, the connection is electric. Soon they are creating heat in the bedroom and trouble for their careers.

Published: September 30, 2016
Publisher: LoveLight Press