Arctic Heat

Book Cover: Arctic Heat
Editions:Kindle: $6.99

All three Arctic Heat novels together in one collection.

Varg doesn’t particularly want to go to Svalbard, but it seems if he’s ever going to meet his best friend again, he has to. Because Andreas has settled down into his new job and his new life, and he doesn’t have time to come visit Varg in Oslo to have some fun.
So there’s only one option—Varg has to go to him. Except there’s shit-all to do in an arctic wasteland. But he hadn’t expected Jonathan.

Jonathan fucks around with everyone—that’s not a secret. So when Andreas’s small, slender, eyeliner-wearing friend comes for a visit, he’s not opposed to a little tumble in bed, no matter how annoying he thinks Varg is. But Jonathan’s got one rule: no kissing. It’s just that Varg doesn’t like playing by the rules.

Neither wants something more than a fling—but what they want isn’t always what they get. Lines blur and rules fly out the window, except it is only temporary; Varg has a life to get back to and Jonathan’s got a business to run.

But when their hearts have been dragged into it, what then?

Arctic Heat is a collection of three novels that follows the romantic relationship between two very different men.

Published: May 26, 2017
Publisher: LoveLight Press