A Chance on You

Book Cover: A Chance on You
Editions:Kindle: $2.99

They were best friends for twelve years until a New Year's kiss went wrong.

Jace has been adrift since coming to live with his aunt and uncle after the sudden loss of his dad. A kid from the working class neighborhoods of south Boston, he’s out of place amid the wealth and privilege of Cape Cod. He finds solace in his art and his best friend Cole. Now, after years of saving, he's about to make his dream of attending art school come true.

Cole’s friendship with Jace is the one thing in his life his mother disapproves of. Groomed since childhood and with a brand-new degree from Duke, he’s heading to Washington D.C. to schmooze with policymakers and big business leaders. But he can't leave Cape Cod until he fixes the rift with Jace.

It's their last summer together, and Cole wants more from Jace than just friendship. Will these two opposites ignite? Or is the hurt between them too much for Jace to forgive?

A Chance on You is 40,000 words and contains best friends falling in love, opposites attracting, and a happy for now ending.

Published: February 10, 2017
Publisher: LoveLight Press