An Interview with Cait Forester

Today we are sitting down with Cait Forester, author of paranormal and contemporary M/M romance. She’ll be sharing her thoughts on writing, publishing, and gardening!



1 .You’ve written books in both the paranormal and contemporary genre. Do you have a favorite to work in?

It’s really interesting, because I interact with both genres in really different ways. I feel like, for me, paranormal is easier to write… but contemporary might be more fulfilling only because it’s more of a challenge. There are more rules! Paranormal is a little more flexible. It’s really hard to figure out a favorite, though! My favorite is probably whichever one I’m focused on at the moment.

2. What’s your writing space look like?

My writing space is kind of dull, to be honest. I work on my bed! I have a computer chair I sit in, a pillow that goes on top of the covers, and a laptop I set on top of the pillow, and it makes everything the perfect height so that I can type without straining my wrists. The nightstand holds my water and to my left I have some beautiful artwork of various couples up on the wall that I stare at when I’m feeling stumped. I used to do most of my writing work in the bed itself, and that was always fun to talk about in public. ;) This year I’d like to get a Murphy desk and mount it so that I can stand up while I type.

3. Strong is reminiscent of a fairy tale. Did any in particular inspire you?

I love fairytales, and Strong is probably my favorite thing I’ve ever written – but nope, this one wasn’t based on a fairy tale! I just had this image in my head of an anxious prince and a brash commoner, and I knew I had to write about them. I made a playlist that sorta-kinda fit my vague outline, and when I’d get stuck I listened to a song or two on repeat until I had a mood or image pop up to keep working with.

4. When you aren’t writing, where would we most likely find you?

When I’m not writing (or reading!) you can probably find me in the yard. We’re planning a huge vegetable garden this year, and getting chickens. I’m not ready at all. This month I’m going to learn how to build a fence. Wish me luck!

5. Can you tell us a little bit about your inspiration for writing the beautifully emotional book, The Omega in the Attic? 

Oh, I’m blushing! :) My inspiration for writing The Omega in the Attic was the fairytale Rapunzel. I really wanted to write a modern take on that, and I also really wanted to explore it through the idea of the Omegaverse. How does the story change when the Rapunzel figure is really aware of the world outside of the tower? And what happens after (s)he leaves? I’ve got several more fairytale inspired works coming up this year.

6. What was the first M/M romance you read?

Ooh, that is such a tough question! On a good week, I can read through maybe half a million words, and I started reading M/M a few years back… I think the first thing I read may have been a Supernatural fanfiction title. It’s kind of a blur, to be honest.

7. Do any of your characters share your personality?

I definitely connect to my characters who face problems with anxiety, so Jamie from The Omega in the Attic and Edgar from Strong. I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t operating with this underpinning of anxiety shadowing my every move, and it’s really lovely to be able to allow my characters to heal and strengthen over the course of the book.

8. If you had to live with any of your characters who would you chose and why?

Edgar! Sign me right up. I like to think we’d be great friends, and come on, who doesn’t want to live in a beautiful castle with a huge library?